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International Remedies: Hangover Foods Around the World

Hangovers are an all-too-familiar consequence of a night filled with celebration and merriment. As the sun rises and the reality of a pounding headache and queasy stomach sets in, many of us yearn for a magical cure to alleviate these post-party blues. Fortunately, various cultures around the world have developed their own unique hangover remedies, offering a delicious ray of hope after a night of revelry. From the heartiness of European breakfasts to the aromatic spices of Asian delicacies, the international realm of hangover foods provides a diverse and flavorful range of solutions. Let’s embark on a culinary journey to explore the top hangover foods from the EU, UK, Malaysia, and Hong Kong,

Hangover Foods in the EU

Hangover foods in Europe offer a range of hearty and comforting options to help alleviate those post-party blues.  In the United Kingdom, the classic “Full English Breakfast” reigns supreme. This traditional remedy consists of bacon, sausages, eggs, and beans, providing a satisfying and protein-packed cure. Meanwhile, in France, the bouillon soup takes the spotlight. This helps replenish the body and soothe the hangover symptoms. The European hangover foods showcase the diverse culinary traditions within the continent. Plus, with eSIM Europe, travelers can access online information about nearby restaurants serving these hangover foods, ensuring they can quickly find the best spots to indulge in a satisfying breakfast.

Hangover Foods in the UK

When it comes to hangover remedies, the United Kingdom has its own delightful offerings. The iconic “Full English Breakfast” has become a go-to choice for Brits battling hangovers. This substantial meal typically includes bacon, sausages, eggs, beans, and toast, providing a comforting and filling start to the day. In Scotland, the “Full Scottish Breakfast” takes it up a notch, adding haggis and black pudding to the mix, creating a more robust and flavorsome feast. Another traditional hangover cure in the UK is the Welsh rarebit, a cheesy delight made with melted cheese on toast. With the help of local eSIM UK, travelers can easily navigate their way to the most authentic Welsh rarebit spots.These hearty and satisfying dishes help Britons recover from a night of revelry.

Hangover Foods in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the diverse culinary landscape offers a variety of hangover remedies. One popular choice is nasi lemak. This flavorful combination provides a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and spices, helping to restore energy levels. With eSIM for Malaysia, travelers can seamlessly switch between local mobile data plans and quickly access information about the best nasi lemak vendors in town. Another remedy is bak kut teh, a nourishing and aromatic pork rib soup with Chinese herbs and spices. Its warming properties are believed to soothe the body and revitalize the senses. Malaysians also turn to refreshing coconut-based drinks, like “santan,” which helps to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes. These Malaysian hangover foods offer a fusion of flavors and spices to combat the aftermath of a night of revelry.

Hangover Foods in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s vibrant culinary scene offers its own array of hangover remedies. One popular choice is congee, a rice porridge often served with various toppings like minced pork, century eggs, or preserved vegetables. This comforting and easy-to-digest dish helps settle the stomach and provides a nourishing start to the day. Dim sum dishes are also favored, with options such as shrimp dumplings and siu mai stealing the spotlight. These are not only delicious but also known for their restorative qualities. People in Hong Kong also rely on herbal teas like chrysanthemum tea or ginger tea for hangovers. With the convenience of eSIM Hong Kong, travelers can effortlessly stay connected and discover the perfect tea house to enjoy a cup of herbal tea. Hong Kong’s hangover foods reflect the city’s rich culinary heritage and its commitment to offering diverse remedies.


In our quest to uncover hangover foods around the world, we have journeyed through the culinary traditions of the EU, UK, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. From the comforting “Full English Breakfast” in the UK to the nourishing nasi lemak in Malaysia, and the revitalizing congee in Hong Kong, each destination has shared its unique remedies for battling the morning-after woes. These international hangover foods not only provide physical relief but also offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of each region. So, the next time you indulge in a night of festivities, keep in mind that these global hangover foods are there to rescue you!

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